Caroline Harper

Caroline Jean Harper – born in the 1960’s in a black cab, Hyde Park Corner, en route to St George’s hospital.

Daughter of a French Horn player from Belfast and an Austrian couturier, Caroline was brought up in Kent, and schooled in a Spanish run convent. Excelling in music as a teenager, it was however her penchant for English and Maths which saw her pursue a career initially in Law and then Accountancy.

Having graduated from Sussex University with a diploma, Caroline then took on a training contract with a large firm of accountants in the city of London. Ten years later, a three month sabbatical saw her embark on a conservation trip to the Amazonian rainforest in Peru studying Katydids for the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. During this time, the team helped bring the number of catalogued species to 400. The important message to the world at large “no Katydids – no wildlife!” where reforestation is concerned. This sojourn ignited Caroline’s passion for photography, hence her own image of a lioness in an African sunset attached.

In 1994 Caroline was offered the position as manager at Avn Arena Ltd and has been blissfully happy in her working life ever since. Two years later she completed a qualification with The Associated Taxation of Technicians. There is nothing she likes better than doing battle with the Inland Revenue whether it be for a sole trader or a large corporation.

Off duty, Caroline likes to keep fit having discovered the joy of kettle bells. Holidays are spent either in the Outer Hebrides or Botswana, augmenting her portfolio of wildlife photographs. She lives in a converted former stable with her long haired Jack Russells – Biggles and Lulu.

On a final culinary note, Caroline has cooked for the Queen on four separate occasions. Her canapés (according to the butler Gilbert at the time) were a real hit with both Her Majesty and the Duke!