David Howell

David Howell entered the Arena way back in 1994 starting on the bottom rung of the career ladder. David’s enthusiasm and tenacity has seen him attain his AAT qualifications and progress to the top rung. Today he manages our Swaffham office; not forgetting his humble beginnings he is still more than happy to make you a cracking cup of tea.

David’s clientele is wide ranging – from individual subcontractors to large limited companies, his happy approachable demeanour is constant. All his clients recognise that whatever issue they present to him, whatever the degree of complexity, David will attend to it with expediency and professionalism. If it is an important matter to you the client, then it is an important matter to him as well.

As our longest serving team member, David has his sights set on the long service award! Please note Nicholas, it had better be more exciting than a carriage clock!

Out of office hours, our David is an avid fan of his county’s football club – Norwich City – AKA “The Canaries”. As a season ticket holder he has spurred his club on through worrying times of potential relegation to euphoric moments when polished silverware is held aloft! Practising what he sees on a premiership pitch, David is also a useful veteran player for his local club Swaffham Town.

Further afield, the vibrant city of Las Vegas is David’s favoured place to holiday. Throw out your Baedeker’s guide, David can advise you where to stay, what to see, where to eat and how to get the best possible deals. Rumour has it he is even working on a mathematical formula “how to beat the roulette table”!