Industry Expertise

Our real expertise is working with the owners/directors/partners of small and medium sized owner-managed businesses. We also have specific expertise working with barristers, butchers, car dealers, care homes, the construction industry, dentists, doctors, estate agents, hairdressers, manufacturers, pharmacists, post offices, pubs, restaurants, retail, solicitors, and many more.

This expertise in the owner-managed business sector has led to us co-authoring our highly acclaimed book titled ‘Why Owner-Managed Businesses STOP Growing & What You Can Do About It’ (incidentally the book retails at £29.97, but you can get it for free if you meet with us).

But key to us is to only work with business owners who are serious about building a better business. This is very important to us.

You see, we know there are thousands of business owners who don’t really care about building a better business. That is of course okay, but we choose not to work with businesses like that.

Our inspiration, expertise, skills and knowledge are primed for business owners and entrepreneurs who don’t just want an accountant for compliance services. If that’s all you’re looking for, there are dozens of accountants in Norfolk who can do that for you.

But on the other hand, if you are passionate about your business and serious about building a better one, then together we will make a formidable team.

Of course until you meet with us – you’ll never really know if we’re suited to one another. So simply complete your details below and we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange our no-obligation meeting.